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What actually improves culture?

You missed the live webinar this time but don't worry; you can still register to receive the recording...

Learn what tools are actually worth investing time and money into to create thriving veterinary cultures, improving patient care, customer loyalty and organisational success.

Check your emails for the link. Good luck on your culture journey!


Is This For You?

Spending all your time trying to improve the culture of your team, and it mostly goes unnoticed?

Want to build a thriving, positive culture were staff are invested in your business' success?

Sick of throwing money at Reward and Recognition that doesn't seem to make them feel recognised or rewarded?

This session is free, fast, and practical. It sets out what strategies do work, which ones have been shown not to (despite being the ones our staff often request), and how to maximise their impact.

Dr Jessica Moore-Jones, BVMS, MBA, MSc

Dr Jess Moore-Jones is a vet, coach, executive leader, solo mum by choice, and enthusiastic LARPer (don't feel bad if you don't know what that is).​

She also considers herself to be a fulfilled career woman, an engaged and present mum, an ambitious business owner and an intrepid adventurer (yes, even with a kid). She's been General Manager of a specialist hospital, CEO of an RSPCA, Manager of Wildlife Health for Taronga Zoo, and Senior Advisor for local government. She's lectured vet students, coached vets, mentored leaders and challenged our industry bodies to do better.

Dr Jess started her veterinary leadership journey just like you; bright eyed and passionate about improving the industry for the colleagues she knew were struggling with negative cultures, untrained leaders, and a lack of proactive support systems. So she read everything she could, went to every training under the sun, tried to emulate all the 'best practice' advice she could get hold of. And yet, still things flailed. Positivity fluctuated, people resisted, staff attrition continued. And eventually she worked out that this is because everything she was doing was either from different industries, or was based on well-intentioned, academic advice that just can't hold up in the real world of emotions, finances, and human beings.

So she set about trying things a different way. Getting results over following guidelines. Making things happen over 'best practice' advice. And THEN change started to happen. Cultures transformed before her eyes. It was hard work, there were definitely tears, and every new transformation throws up a new set of unexpected challenges, but now Jess has proved that it works. That over and over, culture CAN be improved. Even the most negative team CAN be transformed.

And now she wants to use that journey, and the skills learned trying and testing and failing and trying again, to help you do the same. To lift the culture of a profession as a whole, one leader and one clinic at a time.

Transform your clinic now!

If you're ready to stop spending all of your time on the most frustrating parts of people management, now is the time to start.

The path to positive culture lies ahead


"Really well presented - detailed enough to be comprehensive but also totally usable... Great knowledge of the presenter. I really loved it. Thank you."

—  Vetwest workshop series

"Jess is passionate about keeping people in the animal Industry, and reigniting people’s love for working with animals. Jess will challenge your comfort zone, and what you think you know about resilience and a positive mindset."

- Sam, Cat Haven, WA


“A fantastic presenter, clear, interesting to listen to and the passion for the subject really comes across and makes you enthusiastic about it yourself.”​


—  NZCAC workshop

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