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Human Behaviour : Animal Outcomes

Using the science and art of human psychology to improve outcomes for the animals in our community

If you want your animal shelter, council or veterinary clinic to actually have an impact on the animals in our community, we must first work out how to get the most out of the people who care for them.

Teaching Tricks

Passion for animals drives most of us in the animal industry. However, we must acknowledge that the welfare of animals is profoundly influenced by the actions of the people caring for them.

Our ability to help animals is intrinsically tied to our capacity to affect positive behavioral change in individuals and communities.


From improving adoption rates to microchipping cats, from weight management in dogs to antimicrobial use on farms, it is our skill at understanding and changing human behaviour that best predicts the likelihood of improving outcomes for animals.

The reality is that few of us can help animals without the community doing their part; the future of animal welfare lies in improving human behaviour.

If you find yourself having the same conversations over and over, only to get the same results, this is for you.

If you keep doing the same thing each year, only with more effort and less resources, this is for you.

If the people who most need your help are the most likely to avoid it, then this is for you.

Girl with Horse

What can you expect in this programme?

Differentiate between compliance, education, and behaviour change

Understand how people DO make decisions, rather than how we think they should

Build community engagement programmes designed to build trust and engagement, even from those who normally resist

Actually get your clients to follow your recommendations and advice

Become a trusted advisor in your community, a sought after source of advice and support rather than a necessary but preferably avoidable service

Reduce your frustration and fatigue from people not doing the right thing by their animals

"It's tempting to believe that if people knew better, they would do better. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. If we want people to change their behaviours, we need to understand how humans DO work, rather than how we wish they did."

Dr. Jessica Moore-Jones


Coach, consultant and strategist

Happy Customers Include

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"Really well presented - detailed enough to be comprehensive but also totally usable... Great knowledge of the presenter. I really loved it. Thank you."

—  Vetwest workshop series

"Extremely engaging, knowledgeable and credible. Already thinking about what we can invite Dr Jess to do with various groups."

—  HBCA workshop


“A fantastic presenter, clear, interesting to listen to and the passion for the subject really comes across and makes you enthusiastic about it yourself.”​


—  NZCAC workshop


One-on-one work/life mentoring

  • Personalised, bespoke support tailored for individual level and needs

  • Ideal for anyone feeling lost, overwhelmed, stuck, or bored who wants an entirely personal approach to helping you re-discover your passion, and re-ignite your career

  • We can help you pitch to your boss why they should share the investment





Three day work/life reignite retreat

  • Immersive, complete experience to help you re-ignite your passion and guide you towards living the life you imagined

  • Network, build relationships and learn from others

  • Intensely empowering getaway that will leave you ready to take on the world (or at the very least, your life goals!)

  • Six months of follow-up support





Six month work/life reignite programme

  • Structured programme with like-minded professionals and your future biggest cheerleaders

  • Rediscover your passion, create your ideal work/life balance, and get excited about your career again!

  • Gain from the formal programme as well as the support of like-minded professionals




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