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Building the resilience and transforming the culture of animal care teams

Is your veterinary or animal care team struggling with fatigue or burnout?

Are conflict, drama or poor behaviours standing in the way of the organisation you could be??

Are you losing staff, have a lot of sick leave, or struggling to recruit?

Are you or your leaders exhausted from spending your energy on unconstructive people challenges, rather than animal outcomes or organisational success?

We can help!

Supporting veterinary and animal care leaders to build positive, resilient, and sustainable teams.

Cut the drama, keep your staff, improve animal care and ensure financial success by focusing on the tools, skills and strategies that ACTUALLY work.

Why work with us?

Dr Jess Moore-Jones, BVMS, MBA, MSc, has been where you are, has been where your team are, and knows the way through.


Unlike consultants who add culture and resilience as an afterthought to their profitability or process driven missions, Unleashed Coaching and Consulting is first and foremost about people. We believe whole-heartedly (and have the data to back it up) that focusing on people first IS the answer to profit and process, not the other way around.

Unleashed Coaching and Consulting is led by Dr Jessica Moore-Jones, who hasn't just been a vet for 15 years, but has led large and small vet clinics and animal shelters, designed and implemented restructures and rebuilt broken teams, and is head-hunted specifically for her experience in transforming the culture, resilience and emotional intelligence of the teams she leads.

At Unleashed we're not academics, though we have the qualifications in business, positive psychology, human behaviour, training, and of course veterinary surgery to provide the all-round support you need. We're not psychologists; we speak vet, we share stories and experiences of what it's really like in the trenches, and vets are willing to listen to vets. We're not green or naive or unfailingly optimistic about how easy the academia makes it sound to transform a culture; we've been there in the trenches, taking the punches as our teams blame us for things getting worse before they get better. We get it. And we can help.

Dr Jess doesn't just know what it's really like out there; she's done it. She's turned around toxic cultures, halved staff turnover, felt the emotional burden of a team drowning, and made the challenging calls to cut ties with valuable people who just aren't the right cultural fit.

We have advised governments in full time and consultancy roles, have experience as Executive Manager and CEO of major animal welfare organisations, General Manager of specialty and wildlife hospitals, and have strong experience on Boards and in leadership roles locally and in developing countries. We also commit to continuing to do the veterinary shifts to ensure we still have a finger on the pulse of how it feels to be on the ground.

We would love to hear your story, understand what challenges you and your organisation are facing, and help you and your team become the best you can be.

Happy Customers Include

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"Really well presented - detailed enough to be comprehensive but also totally usable... Great knowledge of the presenter. I really loved it. Thank you."

—  Vetwest workshop series

"Extremely engaging, knowledgeable and credible. Already thinking about what we can invite Dr Jess to do with various groups."

—  HBCA workshop


“A fantastic presenter, clear, interesting to listen to and the passion for the subject really comes across and makes you enthusiastic about it yourself.”​


—  NZCAC workshop

Contact us

Unleashed Coaching and Consulting

+614 0514 5815

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