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Who Are We?

Dr Jess Moore-Jones is passionate about helping the animal industry thrive by focusing on it's people. Originally a veterinarian who became disillusioned with the industry, Jess decided she wanted to be a part of the solution rather than sit back and let life happen.

With further qualifications in business administration, wildlife conservation, behavioural economics and training and assessment, Jess has experience advising local governments, has been Executive Manager and CEO of multiple animal welfare organisations, and has strong experience on Boards and in leadership roles locally and in developing countries. She continues to do the occasional vet shift to ensure she still has her finger on the pulse of how it feels to be on the ground.

From helping leaders enhance their team culture and improving the staff engagement and well being in vet clinics and shelters, running customer service and behavioural change training, through to career coaching and leadership mentoring for individuals, Jess brings a rare combination of knowing what it's like out there and understanding how to overcome it.

She'd love to hear your story, understand what makes you tick, and help you and your team become the best you can be.



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