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UNLEASH Your Veterinary Career

The transformational programme helping veterinarians build a fulfilling career, a balanced work-week, and a great life

feeling stuck

Feeling stuck? Can't imagine doing this for another 20, 30 or 40 years, but it seems like such a waste to change careers now?

Still want to help animals but are sick of the drama, the toxicity, the fatigue?

Bored out of your brains every day at work? Or are you simply struggling to juggle having a life, a family, AND having the career that you want for yourself?

If you're a veterinary professional wondering what on earth is next for you, then this programme is the answer.

This is the programme that is going to change your career, but also change your life.

We PROMISE that by the end of the programme:

You WILL rediscover optimism, energy and excitement for your future

You WILL be able to balance your career and your life

You WILL have a career trajectory that is right for you

You WILL have the courage, tools and accountability for achieving the life you want

What's included?

A promise that you'll walk away feeling confident and optimistic about the next stage of your career, with the skills and confidence to pull it off.

  • 8 jam-packed online sessions full of content, support, and activities covering the six modules.

  • 2 personal coaching sessions to discover your barriers and work towards your ideal future, one of which can be used at a time of your choice.

  • Unlimited group message coaching available throughout the whole 6 month programme.

  • Templates provided for, and personal review of your CV to align with your vision and goals

  • Personality profiling to provide more guidance on designing the right vision for your strengths and motivators

  • ​Practical, doable, useable solutions to transform your life and work.​

  • Homework workbooks with ample practical, real-life ways to plan, track, and execute your transformation.​

  • Strong relationships with a small group of like-minded vets who will become your biggest cheerleaders in the future you build for yourself​

doctor dog

The Step By Step Programme

This isn't just career coaching, or life coaching. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind mentoring programme that will show you how to design your career around the life that you want, not the other way around.

A six-month intensive mentoring programme designed for you to decide what you really want from your life, redefine what success looks like to you, and rediscover excitement about the future of your career.

We'll meet in small groups over six months; more often at the start to gain momentum and ensure you see progress, then less often so that you have time to put your plans into action and be held accountable.

You'll be coached on a different topic each session, from discovering what success looks like to you, overcoming the barriers to making it happen (both mindset and practical), building your future work/life vision from the ground up, right through to CV development and even having the difficult conversations with your boss (or husband) in order to move forward.

Between sessions, you'll be given step-by-step guides on how to find the answers you're looking for, and how to put it into action. You'll also be given a 'buddy' to keep each other accountable.

Best of all, we know how busy your life is. We understand how hectic it is to find time away from work and family to invest in yourself. So we want you to multitask these sessions as social time; bring wine, have a giggle, and stay afterward to chat to your new friends and the best cheerleaders for your new future.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got...


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About your guide

Dr Jess Moore-Jones is a vet, coach, leader, solo mum by choice, (naughty) dog mum, and enthusiastic LARPer (don't feel bad if you don't know what that is).

She also considers herself to be a fulfilled career woman, an engaged and present mum, an ambitious business owner and an intrepid adventurer (yes, even with a kid).

She started her veterinary career just like you; bright eyed and passionate about working with animals and making a difference. When her clinical career didn't turn out as she expected, rather than 'starting again' because the role on offer didn't suit her, she took the reins and started building roles that did. She created a vision of her life in which she could have all the things she wanted, and started trying things. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. But all of it was an adventure, and a worthwhile step in the journey to where she is now.

And now she wants to use that journey, and the skills learned supporting hundreds of animal care professionals, training for big pharma, lecturing at uni, advising governments, managing zoo departments and running RSPCAs, to help you.

She wants to help other vets like her who aren't finding the veterinary career has offered them what they expected, and want to discover that it IS possible to build a career, and a life, that can give you all the things you're looking for. 


You just have to be bold enough to start!


Where and When?

Sessions start fortnightly to get momentum on your transformation, then become monthly, then spread further as you go away and DO the changing of our life!

Each session is packed full of content, advice and discussion, followed by 'downtime' where you apply the tools and SEE TRANSFORMATION!

SESSIONS RUN LIVE ON THURSDAYS 7pm AEDT  (Sydney/ Melbourne/ Canberra)

If you can't make this programme time, please do enquire anyway to go on a waitlist for future programmes suited to different days and timezones.

Get to know me...

For those who like to see and hear, below are some further details about the programme  and your guide in video form

Programme Structure and Content

Who Am I?

Programme Structure and Content

Investment in your future



"I am grateful for the role she has played in my professional development and would recommend her as a valuable mentor for any emerging leader.

As a mentor, Dr Jess was instrumental in supporting my development as a leader. With a supportive leadership style she challenged me to tackle my early career leadership challenges with courage and initiative. I credit Jess with developing and supporting leadership practices that have been key in my ongoing success in further management roles, not least of which the ability to evaluate my teams’ strengths and weaknesses with honesty and addressing difficult conversations."

—  Dr Anna, Animal Welfare Manager

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