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Cut the drama, keep your staff, and build your business success by focusing on the tools that ACTUALLY WORK, with veterinary leaders just like you.

Is your veterinary team struggling with fatigue or burnout?

Are conflict, drama or poor behaviours standing in the way of the organisation you could be?

Are you losing staff, have a lot of sick leave, or struggling to recruit?
Are you as a leader exhausted from spending your energy on unconstructive people challenges, rather than animal outcomes or organisational success?

Join veterinary leaders with the same frustrations, as we create sustainable, actionable, realistic plans to build the positive, productive, emotionally intelligent team that you know they can be.

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As an experienced veterinary leader, I understand that transforming culture is not as easy as the textbooks or podcasts say it should be. I know what it's like to be working your butt off to make things better, only for people to tell you you're doing it all wrong. Or for corporate leadership training to offer lofty, academic approaches that just don't work with real people in real situations.​

So we're offering something completely different. We'll work side by side to create useable, practical, actionable plans. We'll measure success, take real steps forward each session, and talk candidly about what worked and what didn't. And most importantly, we'll genuinely transform your team.


You WILL rediscover optimism, energy and excitement for the future of your team

You WILL have a realistic, ambitious, actionable plan already underway

You WILL have support from both colleagues and experts, to troubleshoot things that aren't working

You WILL see measurable results in your culture that translate directly into business results

You WILL have a network of people in the same position, to bounce ideas and share challenges with

What's included?

6 jam-packed online sessions full of content, support, and activities covering six modules.

Unlimited group message coaching available throughout the whole 6 month programme.

2 one-on-one coaching sessions; one of which can be used at a time of your choice

Templates for actionable, useable, measurable steps to take to transform your team culture

Self-assessment and personal feedback to help you grow as a professional and develop your leadership skills in shaping culture

Homework workbooks with ample practical, real-life ways to plan, track, and execute your transformation.​

Team insights from a baseline and post-implementation survey to genuinely assess priority actions and measure strategy outcomes

Strong relationships with a small group of like-minded lveterinary leaders who will become your biggest cheerleaders in the success of your team​

The Step By Step Programme

This isn't generic leadership training. This isn't academic text-book data on what should work if people were robots and made logical choices unrelated to emotions. This isn't fluffy and naive about the need for a return on investment.

This IS the programme that will finally give you the practical, actionable, guided steps to transform your veterinary team into the positive, engaged, resilience professionals you know they can be.

We'll meet in an exclusively small group six time over six months; more often at the start to gain momentum and ensure you see progress, then less often so that you have time to put your plans into action and be held accountable.

You'll be coached on a different topic each session, from self-awareness and your own leadership approach, to the pillars of cultural success, creating psychological safety (yours too!), and we'll even talk you through how to have the constructive conversations that need to be had to make this happen.

Between sessions, you'll be creating and actioning a template of tasks, tools, changes and activities that you're going to put in place to truly transform your culture. You'll also be given a 'buddy' to keep each other accountable and bounce ideas off between sessions.

You get two personal coaching sessions, where we get to know your individual situation so we can cover the right content to help you, and you can call in the experts for specific challenges you're facing at a time of your choosing throughout the programme. You'll also have unlimited message access to a group of like-minded leaders and your expert coach, available to bounce ideas, pick brains, and ask questions as you go and issues arise.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got...

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Get to know me...

About your guide

Dr Jess Moore-Jones is a vet, coach, executive leader, solo mum by choice, and enthusiastic LARPer (don't feel bad if you don't know what that is).

She also considers herself to be a fulfilled career woman, an engaged and present mum, an ambitious business owner and an intrepid adventurer (yes, even with a kid). She's been General Manager of a specialist hospital, CEO of an RSPCA, Manager of Wildlife Health for Taronga Zoo, and Senior Advisor for local government. She's lectured vet students, coached vets, mentored leaders and challenged our industry bodies to do better.

Dr Jess started her veterinary leadership journey just like you; bright eyed and passionate about improving the industry for the colleagues she knew were struggling with negative cultures, untrained leaders, and a lack of proactive support systems. So she read everything she could, went to every training under the sun, tried to emulate all the 'best practice' advice she could get hold of. And yet, still things flailed. Positivity fluctuated, people resisted, staff attrition continued. And eventually she worked out that this is because everything she was doing was either from different industries, or was based on well-intentioned, academic advice that just can't hold up in the real world of emotions, finances, and human beings.

So she set about trying things a different way. Getting results over following guidelines. Making things happen over 'best practice' advice. And THEN change started to happen. Cultures transformed before her eyes. It was hard work, there were definitely tears, and every new transformation throws up a new set of unexpected challenges, but now Jess has proved that it works. That over and over, culture CAN be improved. Even the most negative team CAN be transformed.

And now she wants to use that journey, and the skills learned trying and testing and failing and trying again, to help you do the same. To lift the culture of a profession as a whole, one leader and one clinic at a time.

Dr Jess would like to be there for you through the ups and the downs, the emotional turmoil and the thankless tasks, and create for you the workplace culture that you deserve.

You just have to be bold enough to start!


Where and When?


The programme will start fortnightly to get momentum on your transformation, then become monthly to give you time to take action between our sessions.

Each session is packed full of content, advice, troubleshooting of things you've tried, and discussion, followed by 'downtime' where you apply the tools and SEE TRANSFORMATION!

If you can't make this programme time, please do enquire anyway to go on a waitlist for future programmes suited to different days and timezones.



"I am grateful for the role she has played in my professional development and would recommend her as a valuable mentor for any emerging leader.

As a mentor, Dr Jess was instrumental in supporting my development as a leader. With a supportive leadership style she challenged me to tackle my early career leadership challenges with courage and initiative. I credit Jess with developing and supporting leadership practices that have been key in my ongoing success in further management roles, not least of which the ability to evaluate my teams’ strengths and weaknesses with honesty and addressing difficult conversations."

—  Dr Anna, Animal Welfare Manager



We know that you already know the return on investment for culture in the workplace. That's why you're here right?

If we counted up all the time, money and resource spent on reactively managing poor culture, let alone what it is costing your business in terms of lower productivity and lower customer satisfaction, it would be easy to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars to transform your culture into the one you know that it can be.

Luckily, with this model, you don't have to! We wanted it to be accessible even (or especially) to small, independent clinics. Where owner-operators and passionate senior clinicians might not have the corporate equity funds behind them, but still want to build and maintain the best possible culture for their team. That's why we've created this programme; so that you can benefit from other leaders just like you as well as an experienced culture consultant.

For your six month journey, including all of the below promises:

You WILL rediscover optimism, energy and excitement for the future of your team

You WILL have a realistic, ambitious, actionable plan already underway

You WILL have support from both colleagues and experts, to troubleshoot things that aren't working

You WILL see measurable results in your culture that translate directly into business results

You WILL have a network of people in the same position, to bounce ideas and share challenges with

All of that for only $2999.


For an extremely limited time, you can have all of the above, including six 90 minute programme sessions, two personal coaching calls, and unlimited cohort messaging support, for only $1999* +GST

Think about how quickly you'd spend that sort of money on medications, on marketing, on technology, or on the time you spend every month managing a poor culture. It's less than a half day generic leadership course that wouldn't focus on you and your organisation, wouldn't support you through implementation, and certainly wouldn't answer your worried messages at 8am when one of your staff throws a new spanner in freshly turning cogs...

For one more week, you can have all of that for less than the cost of a single all-staff meeting.

If you want change, make it happen today!

*Second manager from the same organisation is eligible for 50% discount off the full priced programme

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