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Dr Jess is an engaging, authentic and experienced orator. She specialises in using story-telling to take audiences on an emotional journey - whether it's with tears, inspiration or a completely fresh perspective, Dr Jess can ensure your audience leaves not just with the message, but with a lasting impression.

For technical audiences, fundraising galas, industry inspiration or knowledge sharing, Dr Jess is always one of the highlights of an event.

Are you committed to keeping your veterinary team well, resilient and engaged?

Do you not just want to avoid burnout and fatigue, but also grow thriving, optimistic professionals that can help your organisation thrive in return?

Is attracting and retaining positive, emotionally intelligent staff a priority for you?


Then we can create a bespoke programme designed around your team, your challenges and your priorities, to support the longevity, wellbeing and productivity of your team, your clinic and your community.

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Events and Training

"People don't remember what you said. They remember how they felt about what you said." - Dr Jess

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