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Human Behaviour : Animal Outcomes

Are you trying to improve animal welfare in your community?

Are you a vet, animal shelter or animal management officer, trying to get people to follow your recommendations?

Sick of having the same conversations, and never seeing change?

Working harder every year, and feel like it doesn’t help?

Watch this FREE video to find out more about how a focus on human behaviour can help you:

  • Enhance animal welfare

  • Improve compliance and reduce recidivism

  • Increase desexing, microchipping and return to owner rates

  • Encourage Adopt Don’t Shop

Teaching Tricks

Passion for animals drives most of us in the animal industry. However, we must acknowledge that the welfare of animals is profoundly influenced by the actions of the people caring for them.

Our ability to help animals is intrinsically tied to our capacity to affect positive behavioural change in individuals and communities.


From improving adoption rates to microchipping cats, from weight management in dogs to antimicrobial use on farms, it is our skill at understanding and changing human behaviour that best predicts the likelihood of improving outcomes for animals.

The reality is that few of us can help animals without the community doing their part; the future of animal welfare lies in improving human behaviour.

If you find yourself having the same conversations over and over, only to get the same results, this is for you.

If you keep doing the same thing each year, only with more effort and less resources, this is for you.

If the people who most need your help are the most likely to avoid it, then this is for you.

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