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Supporting animal welfare, shelter, rescue and management organisations to build positive, resilient, and sustainable leaders and teams.

Cut the drama, keep your staff, save more lives and build community trust by focusing on building a culture of emotionally intelligent, resilient, and constructive staff and leaders.

We support you as a leader AND your team, in a way that works best for you. Structured programmes or ad hoc support, pre-packaged or bespoke design, individual mentoring or group masterminds.

We're here for you, however works best for you.

Animal Care Culture Options

We offer four different levels of support, depending on your needs and stage of transformation, and will work with you to create the exact bespoke programme that will provide the most growth for your and your team.


Training and

We can provide a series of training workshops to your wider team and to your leaders, aimed at slowly building the foundations and awareness of resilience and emotional intelligence, progressing to more advanced growth and active transformation.

Workshops are run monthly for six months, with one for the whole team and one for the leadership team each month, designed to build and grow foundations and skills with time.

See workshop content here.


Culture Review and Recommendations

Package 1 PLUS, the workshop content adapted specifically from a review of your individual culture - including survey, interviews with staff, and leadership assessment - to form the priority training needs. Also includes a comprehensive report showing the recommended steps you take to transform your culture, with data, templates and instructions on timing and implementation.


Full support and mentoring package

Package 2 PLUS mentoring, support and advice for you and your leadership team during the 6 months of the programme AND the 6 months following implementation.
Support and guidance can be offered on handling challenging conversations and people, performance managing unconstructive behaviours, change managing new ideas, leadership skills gaps, and rollout of cultural initiatives. You will also be supported to enhance your own leadership approach, resilience and wellbeing.

Small group cohort sessions are held with team members between each workshop to practice learnings and offer more personal guidance.

Either as standalone services or add-ons to Packages 1, 2 or 3, we can provide bespoke quotes and advice for team support services including:

  • Facilitating difficult conversations

  • Coaching and preparing for complicated conversations

  • Change management support

  • Performance managing unconstructive behaviours

  • Establishing and getting buy-in for Mission, Vision and Values

  • One off workshops on resilience, positive psychology, wellbeing, career development, or leadership.

  • One-on-one leadership coaching and mentoring

  • One-on-one or small group coaching and mentoring for team members

Add-on or ad-hoc support


Workshop Collection

Below are a series of our most popular workshops for veterinary teams and leaders. They can be delivered as standalone sessions, or work best as a programme of sessions that build upon one another over time to create sustainable and meaningful progress.

All our sessions can be tailored and adapted to be specific for your clinic and your challenges, with focus areas, key concepts, activities and examples able to be created bespoke in collaboration with you.


From Surviving

to Thriving

Most mainstream self-care advice offered to our industry has focused primarily on reducing burnout, preventing suicide, and improving support systems for issues such as compassion fatigue. But are we comfortable with aiming for not being mentally unwell, or do we want to strive for more? Should our people, as individuals and as teams, start to expect more than just ‘not being burnt out’, and instead start to expect to have a great life. To be content, and fulfilled, and to thrive. This session is about our mindset, the choices we make, and the tools that we need to not accept being ok, but to start the journey to great.


Mission, Vision and Values

Having a clear Vision of where we are going, a clear Mission of what we're trying to achieve, and well established Values of how we're going to deliver it, is essential for offering teams a sense of purpose, optimism, and moving towards something great. We can work with you to discover or update the right Mission, Vision and Values to align with your organisation and your team.

People Leadership for Animal People


Specifically designed by an experienced senior veterinary leader, who has led large teams, made the tough calls, and transformed toxic cultures. This two-part workshop is NOT a buzzword tick-box session by corporate psychologists or academic optimists. It is designed to help real veterinary leaders cope with the challenges our teams throw at us, to balance authentic leadership with conflict, to be a compassionate leader while getting things done, and to still have energy left for your personal life.

High performing animal care teams


The high, lows, and critical conversations of a high performance team.
We focus on the how and why of having difficult conversations, taking the perspective of others, and psychological safety. We're aiming for our people to see conflict as a positive, necessary and progressive tool to improving our personal satisfaction, professional success and team productivity, in turn saving more lives and supporting our community.


Culture by Design not Accident

One session for leadership teams, and a broader session for the whole team, on their role in building and maintaining the positive culture that they all want to work within. We walk through who is responsible for establishing a culture, what happens if that isn't done with conscious effort, envisioning what culture we all want, and the roadmap to get there.

Purpose Driven People and Places


Helping team members discover why they are here, what makes them feel fulfilled, and how their role aligns with their values. Helping leaders establish clear role alignment, a strong WHY, and how to help their teams feel the same.


Team Building with Purpose

Designed specifically for your team and your current priorities, we build a bespoke team building half or full day. This is usually most successful as a combination of fun, light, perspective-shifting activities with engaging, thought-provoking content that allows substantial genuine participation in business decisions or planning.

Bespoke workshop content


Using our broad experience in the many aspects and challenges of animal shelter and animal management teams, we can collaborate with you to build a workshop or series that best addresses the specific needs and current culture in your organisation.

Using the foundations already established combined with your expertise and knowledge of your team, we work with you to design the best outcomes for you and your team.

We would love to hear your story, understand what challenges you and your organisation are facing, and help you and your team become the best you can be.

Happy Customers Include

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