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Discover how to get pet owners to actually do what you ask them to do!

If you work in animal sheltering, animal management or veterinary care, and you're sick of having the same conversation over and over, always getting the same results, it's time to utilise HUMAN BEHAVIOUR for ANIMAL OUTCOMES.

Don't worry if you can't watch it all right now; we'll send you a link (but promise not to send you anything else unless you say we can)!


Is This For You?

Are you trying to improve animal welfare in your community?

Are you a vet, animal shelter or animal management officer, trying to get people to follow your recommendations?

Sick of having the same conversations, and never seeing change?

Working harder every year, and feel like it doesn’t help?

Watch this FREE video to find out more about how a focus on human behaviour can help you:

  • Enhance animal welfare

  • Improve compliance and reduce recidivism

  • Increase desexing, microchipping and return to owner rates

  • Encourage Adopt Don’t Shop

We'll cover the theories of human behaviour change for animals, practical ways of using it, and give you immediately actionable interventions to get your community to do better by their animals.

About Us

Dr Jessica Moore-Jones, BVMS, MBA, MSc

I've been privileged to have spent my 20-year veterinary journey working in some of the most diverse aspects of our exciting, intense, demanding, fulfilling profession.​ Over those years, I've had the privilege of holding various roles, including Senior Advisor of Animal Management, Executive Manager of Animal Services, CEO, Veterinary Services Manager, and Director – each experience shaping my expertise and passion for the people who work in the animal industry.


​Beyond my corporate endeavors, I've had the incredible opportunity to advise governments, inspire vet students, mentor professionals to achieve their best potential, coach leaders, and teamed up with big pharma to support the resilience and wellbeing of the animal care sector. ​

​Additionally, I've spent years learning from other industries to develop some global-first human behaviour interventions specific to the animal industry, designed to help vets, governments and shelters empower their communities to do the right thing by their pets. ​Nothing motivates me more than the drive to make this world a better place for animals and the people who work with them.

My training in using human behaviour principles to drive animal outcomes has been delivered, to raving reviews, to major pharmaceutical companies, vet schools and universities, national welfare organisations, major local governments, and large veterinary chains. Not to mention numerous national and international conferences.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of animal welfare and management, you need to understand how people DO work rather than how we wish they did.

Get off the hamster wheel!

We tend to believe that if people KNEW better, they would DO better. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get the same results!

Happy Customers Include

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