Leadership Development

Even the best CEO cannot make the workplace exceptional for their teams, if the middle managers who they report to are not equipped to do their part.

An engaged team, a positive culture, productivity and success; who doesn't want that right? Let alone in the veterinary industry where attrition is high and recruitment is hard. And so much of it depends on you, as the leader of a team or organisation. That's a lot of pressure!
In many industries, it's common for technical experts to suddenly find themselves leading a team of people; and then what?
If your team has experienced leaders struggling with specific leadership challenges, aspiring leaders you'd like to step up, or a whole team of managers looking to change the way their teams see them, we can help you be the leaders that people want to follow.


Team Building

We can assist with helping you articulate the culture you want, and creating plans to get you there.

It is widely expressed that 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'. Other than the fact that staff engagement and productivity are irrefutably linked, all the best laid strategies, plans and intentions in the world will be limited if your team are not engaged in them.
Even with the best brand, mission, leader or perks, building a team with the values and culture that you desire takes a substantial amount of planning, kindling, nurturing and supporting.
Having overhauled toxic, negative or disengaged cultures in multiple facilities, going on to receive engagement scores on par with Best Place to Work Australia benchmarks, we can help you build and nurture the innovative, productive and positive workplace that you're hoping for.


Culture evaluation - Skills development - Facilitating change



There is no doubt that the animal sector can be emotionally draining. Team members and leaders are often faced with complex issues, a seemingly endless task and a fine line between upholding your values while sustaining your organisation.

As a licensed facilitator of the FRIENDS Resilience Program, we can help you find ways to support and even enhance your team out of these tough times, including teaching tools for self management and emotional intelligence, right through to minimising the negative effects of major change programmes or workplace challenges.