Human Behaviour Change for Animals

Improving animal welfare by helping people make better choices

What is Human Behaviour Change?

It can be tempting to believe that if people knew better, they would behave better. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case; just consider why people keep smoking, keep speeding or eat cake they know they shouldn't. The human brain has flaws - we take shortcuts, have biases, prefer simple answers and are prone to making decisions that don't appear rational.

Behavioural economics tries to understand how we might utilise these natural human tendencies to help people make better choices.

How Can It Help Animals?

Do you feel like you're the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff? Working harder each year, with only marginally improved results? Your maximum impact is unlikely to be fulfilled by continuing to do what you are doing, just a little bit better with a little less money.

The future of making an impact lies in improving human behaviour.

Opportunities for utilising human behaviour change principles in the animal welfare sector are multifarious, helping to ensure communities make good decisions, and that outcomes are sustainable and consistent rather than only surviving as long as your input continues.

What Does a Workshop Entail?

Our workshops work with you to demonstrate how human behaviour change techniques are being used by marketing companies to change human behaviour daily, and how animal welfare organisations can utilise similar principles to encourage individuals and communities to do the right thing, without using expensive rewards, punishments or regulations. The workshops are engaging, interactive, and tailored to your organisation's needs and priorities so that you are sure to come away with actionable, relevant ideas and plans to enact them.


Manager and/or Board Workshop

Full day bespoke interactive workshop for leaders and senior executives looking to help their organisation think in a new way about helping people help animals.

Covers theories of behaviour change, examples and applications for your organisation, practice designing interventions and a focused workshop to design an intervention for a behaviour change priority for your organisation.




Frontline and Wider Team Workshop

2.5 hour bespoke session for as much of your team as you can spare. While all staff will find something they can use day to day, most effective for adoptions, customer service, communications, fundraising and policy teams.

Covers basic behaviour change theory, fun examples, ways to use the principles day to day and getting to practice having behaviour change conversations.




Senior Team then Full Team Workshops

In order to maximum your time and ensure everyone is fully on board with the new way of thinking, we can combine a full day manager session with an evening session with the remainder of the team.

This option makes sure that staff and leaders are speaking the same language, and reminding and encouraging each other to use the principles. It also helps managers with buy-in for new strategies since staff are equally excited following their workshop.