G2Z Offers

As a special offer for those who attended the G2Z Summit 2019, I'm pleased to be able to offer shared travel rates for organisations wanting to advance their rescue goals this year. I'll be in the eastern states in mid-October, and am happy to try to build a schedule around visiting anyone who would like some advice, saving a substantial chunk of the fees for you!


Human Behaviour Change

9-2pm training workshop OR

Full day including facilitating internal behaviour change challenge

  • Best combination is the full day session for the Board/senior management, followed by the shorter day with the frontline staff

  • Can also provide 1hr presentations at board meetings etc, though I’m sure all G2Z attendees can recall that this doesn’t leave much time for getting to the nitty gritty of issues




Leadership, Culture & Engagement

Half or full day leadership +/-

Half or full day new manager training +/-

2hr workplace resilience session

  • People skills for animal people

  • Building culture and overcoming toxicity

  • Especially relevant for middle managers and supervisors who may not have formal leadership qualifications

  • Resilience and compassion fatigue session for wider organisation




Shelter Strategy & Operations

Bespoke timing and structure depending on organisation requirements

Minimum half day

  • Help with evolving foster and volunteer programmes

  • Enrichment and animal flow

  • Euthanasia decision making and protocols to increase transparency and consistency

  • Managing team expectations and buy-in for euthanasias

  • Change management programmes

  • Future-proof organisation strategies




Animal Handling & Health

Half day low-stress handling  Half day animal health

Half day dog training

  • Low-stress handling best for vets and nurses

  • Common conditions, health checks and first aid for shelter staff

  • Managing the most common behavioural issues + reducing shelter induced behaviours for animal care staff; practical with 5 simple tools to resolve a vast amount of behaviour concerns