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Free Resources

For Animal Care Teams and Leaders

See our range of blogs and "podcast" videos below for advice, tips, and thoughts on navigating the highs, lows, and intensities of the animal care profession.

Culture webinar

Veterinary Culture by Design: What Actually Works?

We all know that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

But if left to it's own devices, culture rapidly devours us instead.

It's all good and well to talk about what could work, or should work, but in the real world, what DOES work?

This webinar explored the Shiny Distractions, the Must-Do's and the "excellent if done well, potentially harmful if done poorly" interventions and levers for transforming toxic cultures into thriving ones.

Building resilient animal care teams

Is your team struggling with fatigue or burnout?

Are you trying to attract and maintain an engaged, emotionally intelligent team?

Know that you need to build a resilient, optimistic team to help them thrive, not just survive?


Real-world, practical training for animal care teams and leaders.

No corporate tick-boxes or buzzword advice from people who don’t get it.

Delivered by a real vet, who gets straight to the root cause.

Human Behaviour: Animal Outcomes

Are you trying to improve animal welfare in your community?

Are you a vet, animal shelter or animal management officer, trying to get people to follow your recommendations?

Sick of having the same conversations, and never seeing change?

Working harder every year, and feel like it doesn’t help?

Watch this FREE video to find out more about how a focus on human behaviour can help you:

  • Enhance animal welfare

  • Improve compliance and reduce recidivism

  • Increase desexing, microchipping and return to owner rates

  • Encourage Adopt Don’t Shop

Boundaries in the animal care industry

Do you struggle to set boundaries? Or try to, and they inevitably fail? Or worse, your team gets frustrated at you for them?

The animal care industry doesn’t make boundaries easy – we want to help, we want to do well, and the culture of trying to do it all means we feel bad leaving our colleagues when we know we should go home.

But all the advice on setting boundaries makes it sound so simple; as if you can just decide on your boundary and never break it. But we know the reality isn’t like that

If you know you need boundaries but continually struggle to hold them, you MUST watch this video.

Which wolf wins?

There's an old proverb about the two wolves. There's a wolf that represents positivity, lightness, and good emotions. And there's a wolf that represents darkness, frustrations, and negativity...

Which wolf wins? Watch this video! 

Can one job give us everything we need?

We're in the pursuit of a role that is both engaging and fulfilling, striking the right balance without being overly stressful.

We want to work alongside colleagues who feel like family. We want to be compensated that reflects our efforts, all within the confines of a 9-to-5 workday.


Is it possible to find a single job that ticks all these boxes? Here's my take.

Is stress bad for us?

When is stress okay, and when is it not? Stress can be overwhelming, but sometimes it actually helps us get our work done.

In this video, we will recognise when stress can be a beneficial asset or if it's negatively impacting our mental and physical health, and it is time to employ stress reduction techniques.


You know how when people talk about their lives, they always throw in the word "busy"? It feels like a universal thing, right?


Everyone seems to be caught up in this whole busyness trend. But honestly, I think it's about time we stop going on about how busy we are for a couple of good reasons.

You are not stuck!

Are you a vet who feels stuck? Bored? Frustrated? Can’t imagine how you’re going to do this exact same thing every day for another 20, 30 or 40 years?

We get it. It’s hard to see how to progress in this crazy, intense, exciting, challenging career that we share.


But the good news is that YOU ARE NOT STUCK.

There IS a future in which you can be excited about your career again. In this short video we introduce you to some of the key concepts you’ll need in order to start building a vision of your future that you can be passionate about, as well as give you the steps on how to go out and DO IT!

Happy Customers Include

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"Really well presented - detailed enough to be comprehensive but also totally usable... Great knowledge of the presenter. I really loved it. Thank you."

—  Vetwest workshop series

"Extremely engaging, knowledgeable and credible. Already thinking about what we can invite Dr Jess to do with various groups."

—  HBCA workshop


“A fantastic presenter, clear, interesting to listen to and the passion for the subject really comes across and makes you enthusiastic about it yourself.”​


—  NZCAC workshop


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