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Animal Handling

Did you join the animal industry to improve animals lives, but find yourself pinning dogs down and scruffing cats to get the job done?
Does your team struggle to find time for scared pets because it takes longer than physical restraint?



​Practical, achievable techniques for making vet visits, shelter stays and grooming as low-stress as possible. We'll help you recognise what animals are asking for and how your response can improve their experience, keep your team safe AND save you time!

Leadership Training

1-2 day public leadership workshops



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Vet Care for Pet Owners - Perth

Do you love your fur baby, but are never quite sure what is a big deal and what can wait?

Want to save money on unnecessary vet visits without worrying you're ignoring something important?



For the price of one vet consultation, we will cover all of the most commonly seen conditions in clinics, including ears, skin, upset tummies, limping, lumps and even some basic behaviour issues. You'll learn what the most common causes are, how to prevent them, and when it's definitely time to get the vet versus being able to try looking after them at home.

Human Behaviour Change for Animals

Learn how to use the science of behaviour change to create interventions that actually change how people treat their animals, creating genuine and sustainable improvements in animal welfare.



Perfect for shelters/rescues, vet clinics, trainers, academics, rangers and policy makers.