Speaking Engagements

Dr Jess is an engaging, authentic and experienced orator. She specialises in using story-telling to take audiences on an emotional journey - whether it's with tears, inspiration or hope, Dr Jess can ensure your audience leaves not just with the message, but with a lasting impression.

For technical audiences, fundraising galas, industry inspiration or knowledge sharing, Dr Jess is always one of the highlights of an event.

Events and Training


Career Development & Mentoring

Stuck in a rut? Not sure where to go now that you've dedicated your life to animals but feel frustrated or bored?

Half day introduction giving you tools to discover where you are in the career cycle, what you want, and the tools you'll need to get started on the path.




Five steps to teaching your dog anything

New adoption without the time for multiple classes? Existing dog showing some behavioural concerns? Or just want to understand your dog better?

In this half day session, you'll learn to understand your dog, speak his language, avoid the most common training mistakes. Most importantly, you'll learn the five simple things that once you teach your dog, everything else with be a breeze! No magic and definitely no punishment, just teaching manners so they can't wait to make you happy.




People Leadership for Animal People

Wanting the next promotion, or recently found yourself trying not to sink in your leadership position? For aspiring, new and experienced leaders in the animal industry.

You'll learn from someone who has been there and isn't just teaching generic leadership. This is for those who work with animals, whose team puts values above finances and who deal with challenges daily that standard HR training can't begin to understand.





Animal Handling

Did you join the animal industry to improve animals lives, but find yourself pinning dogs down and scruffing cats to get the job done?

​Practical, achievable techniques for making vet visits, shelter stays and grooming as low-stress as possible. We'll help you recognise what animals are asking for and how your response can improve their experience, keep your team safe AND save you time!




Vet Care for Pet Owners

Do you love your fur baby, but are never quite sure what is a big deal and what can wait?

Want to save money on unnecessary vet visits without missing something important?

For the price of one vet consultation, we will cover the most commonly seen conditions in clinics including ears, skin, upset tummies, limping, lumps and even some basic behaviour issues. You'll learn common causes, how to prevent them, and when it's definitely time to get the vet versus being able to try looking after them at home.