Shelter Operations and Strategy

Foster care, volunteer programmes, enrichment schemes, and how to manage euthanasia processes and decisions

  • Operational development

  • Strategy review and design

  • Change management support

  • Deciding how and when to euthanase, and minimise negative impact on teams


Leadership, Culture,

Engagement & Resilience

Keynote speaking, 1-2 day workshops, or ongoing programmes

  • Diagnosing and enhancing cultural and engagement concerns

  • Growing capacity and skill of leaders

  • Team building or group development days

  • Building a high-performing, collaborative team


Human Behaviour Change for Animals

Keynote speaking, half day private sessions through to ongoing support consulting

  • Use human behaviour sciences to affect the way people treat animals

  • Learn to use behavioural economics, heuristics and multiple models of behaviour change

  • Learn to harness the relationships between human behaviour and animal welfare