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Boundaries – why don't they work like the podcasts say they will?

Do you struggle to set boundaries? Or try to, and they inevitably fail? Or worse, your team gets frustrated at you for them?

The animal care industry doesn’t make boundaries easy – we want to help, we want to do well, and the culture of trying to do it all means we feel bad leaving our colleagues when we know we should go home.

But all the advice on setting boundaries makes it sound so simple; as if you can just decide on your boundary and never break it. But we know the reality isn’t like that.

Here, we talk about the reality of boundaries when working in animal care, how to know which boundaries to hold and which are better to bend before they break,  having conversations as a team about shared boundaries, and using technology as a force for good rather than evil.

If you know you need boundaries but continually struggle to hold them, you MUST watch this video.

Animal Care 
Leaders and Teams

Are you committed to keeping your veterinary team well, resilient and engaged?

Do you not just want to avoid burnout and fatigue, but also grow thriving, optimistic professionals that can help your organisation thrive in return?

Is attracting and retaining positive, emotionally intelligent staff a priority for you?


Then we can create a bespoke programme designed around your team, your challenges and your priorities, to support the longevity, wellbeing and productivity of your team, your clinic and your community.

We can help support your team through:

  • Emotional intelligence development

  • Practical, tangible resilience training

  • Navigating change or challenging times

  • Interpersonal skills, conflict, difficult conversations

  • Developing confident, authentic, resilient leader


We offer:

  • Workshops

  • Masterminds

  • Ongoing support and mentoring

  • Online or face to face

  • Bespoke programmes designed to suit you


Are you a vet feeling stuck in your career?

Feeling stuck? Can't imagine doing this for another 20, 30 or 40 years, but it seems like such a waste to change careers now?

Still want to help animals but are sick to death of the drama, the toxicity, the fatigue?

Bored out of your brains every day at work?

Or are you simply struggling to juggle having a life, a family, AND having the career that you want for yourself?

If you're a veterinary professional wondering what on earth is next for you, then this programme is the answer.

This is the programme that is going to change your career, but also change your life.

We promise that by the end of the programme:

  • You WILL finish the programme feeling energised, optimistic, and excited about your career.

  • You WILL have a plan and the skills to live your ideal work/life balance.

  • You WILL have a vision that will transform your future.

  • You WILL be held accountable for taking action and transforming your career and your life

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