Coaching and Mentoring

You need to make a CHOICE

To take a CHANCE 

Or your life will never CHANGE

One-on-One Coaching: Become the you that you really want to be!

Dr Jess Moore-Jones has been there. She's felt stuck in an industry that she loves and worked hard for, but bored and frustrated and not sure how to change.

She'll work with you to discover the future you want for yourself, help you plan a pathway to achieve it, and coach you in the mindset and difficult conversations that you'll need to make it happen.

An entirely bespoke option, face to face or over video conference, this is the step you've been looking for to start the rest of your life.

Development Cohort: Have the career you want in 12 months!

While it may sound scary to be in a group of people talking about the future you want for yourself, many people find this to be the most successful way to learn not just from the coach but the experiences of others.

In a safe space of like-minded animal industry colleagues, you'll not only network and build lasting relationships but help each other to discover the future you want. From there, we will plan your journey to success, and help give you the tools and skills you'll need to make it happen.

With exceptionally positive feedback, this six month development programme helps people just like you to get out of their rut and into the life they want.

Half day introduction:

Get out of the rut and be excited by your career again!

If you're not sure you're ready to take the leap yet but want to see what it's all about (and whether we get along), then come along to a half day group session where we can get you thinking about what you're looking for, what barriers you need to overcome and some ways you could get started.

It's only an introduction, but it WILL change the course of your career!

Find out when the next introduction session is here: 

Get in touch to book in a no-obligation phone call where we can discuss what you're looking for, which option is best for you (and how to get your boss to pay for it!). It's low pressure and might just be exactly what you're looking for!