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    Behaviour & low-stress handling

    Clinics and shelters are scary for pets - but we got into this industry to make their lives better, not harder. There are so many simple ways that we can make their visit as pleasant as possible, so they leave with positive associations and are much easier to handle.

    • Practical, achievable ways to reduce stress
    • Improve animal welfare, enjoyment of work, customer satisfaction and health and safety
    • Makes handling easier as well as kinder
    • Recognise signs of fear to handle situations better



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    Human Behaviour for Animal Outcomes

    Improving animal welfare by helping humans to make better choices

    • Engaging, completely fresh perspective on solving the challenges of animal welfare

    • Improve owner compliance, community engagement, fundraising programmes, sales and more

    • The future of animal welfare lies in helping humans do better rather than just know better



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    Shelter strategy and operations

    Support and evolution from foster and volunteer programmes, enrichment and rehabilitation, human resource support right through to making the life and death decisions without burning your team out

    • Operational development in almost any area

    • Strategy review, facilitation and implementation

    • Change management support

    • Bespoke solutions for your organisation based on your size, needs and stage of evolution



  • New shelter manager development

    Perfect for any new or aspiring manager in a shelter or rescue, whether managing a clinic, foster, frontline or other operational team.

    Intensive 3-day workshop OR personalised 3 month mastermind

    • Completely specific to animal shelter and rescue industry

    • Understand the best options for managing the most common and challenging operational aspects of the role

    • Support with people management and emotional support, especially if you're transitioning from colleague

    • Gain industry insights into new and best practice solutions for everyday issues



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