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Discover how to build a fulfilling career, a balanced work-week, and a great life

If you're a vet struggling with boredom, burnout, work/life imbalance or just can't imagine doing this every day for the rest of your life, you CAN create a different future!

Don't worry if you can't watch it all right now; we'll send you a link (but promise not to send you anything else unless you say we can)!


Is This For You?

Are you a vet who feels stuck?



Can’t imagine how you’re going to do this exact same thing every day for another 20, 30 or 40 years?

We get it. It’s hard to see how to progress in this crazy, intense, exciting, challenging career that we share.


But the good news is that YOU ARE NOT STUCK.

There IS a future in which you can be excited about your career again.


In this short video we'll show you the tools, mindset and confidence that you’ll need in order to start building a vision of your future that you can be passionate about.


Then we show you how to go out and DO IT!

Dr Jessica Moore-Jones, BVMS, MBA, MSc

Dr Jess is a vet, coach, leader, solo mum by choice, (naughty) dog mum, and enthusiastic LARPer (don't feel bad if you don't know what that is).​

She also considers herself to be a fulfilled career woman, an engaged and present mum, an ambitious business owner and an intrepid adventurer (yes, even with a kid).

She started her veterinary career just like you; bright eyed and passionate about working with animals and making a difference. When her clinical career didn't turn out as she expected, rather than 'starting again' because the role on offer didn't suit her, she took the reins and started building roles that did. She created a vision of her life in which she could have all the things she wanted, and started trying things. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. But all of it was an adventure, and a worthwhile step in the journey to where she is now.

And now she wants to use that journey, and the skills learned supporting hundreds of animal care professionals, training for big pharma, lecturing at uni, advising governments, managing zoo departments and running RSPCAs, to help you.

She wants to help other vets like her who aren't finding the veterinary career has offered them what they expected, and want to discover that it IS possible to build a career, and a life, that can give you all the things you're looking for. 


You just have to be bold enough to start!

Transform your life now!

If you're ready for a fulfilling career, a balanced work-week, and a great life, DON'T WAIT!

The only wrong decision is no decision at all!


"Really well presented - detailed enough to be comprehensive but also totally usable... Great knowledge of the presenter. I really loved it. Thank you."

—  Vetwest workshop series

"Jess is passionate about keeping people in the animal Industry, and reigniting people’s love for working with animals. Jess will challenge your comfort zone, and what you think you know about resilience and a positive mindset."

- Sam, Cat Haven, WA


“A fantastic presenter, clear, interesting to listen to and the passion for the subject really comes across and makes you enthusiastic about it yourself.”​


—  NZCAC workshop

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