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Build a resilient, engaged, emotionally intelligent animal care team!


If you're an animal care leader with a team facing fatigue, attrition, emotional turmoil or burnout, this video will show you the FOUR ELEMENTS OF A RESILIENT TEAM, and how to create that in the veterinary and animal care industry.

Don't worry if you can't watch it all right now; we'll send you a link (but promise not to send you anything else unless you say we can)!


Is This For You?

Is your team struggling with fatigue or burnout?

Are you trying to attract and maintain an engaged, emotionally intelligent team?

Know that you need to build a resilient, optimistic team to help them thrive, not just survive?


Real-world, practical training for animal care teams and leaders.

No corporate tick-boxes or buzzword advice from people who don’t know what we do.

Delivered by a real vet, who has managed major organisations. Who gets it.

Watch the FREE video to learn more!

About Us


Dr Jessica Moore-Jones, BVMS, MBA, MSc

I've been privileged to have spent my 20-year veterinary journey working in some of the most diverse aspects of our exciting, intense, demanding, fulfilling profession.​ Over those years, I've had the privilege of holding various roles, including Senior Advisor of Animal Management, Executive Manager of Animal Services, CEO, Veterinary Services Manager, and Director – each experience shaping my expertise and passion for the people who work in the animal industry.


​Beyond my corporate endeavors, I've had the incredible opportunity to advise governments, inspire vet students, mentor professionals to achieve their best potential, coach leaders, and teamed up with big pharma to support the resilience and wellbeing of the animal care sector. ​

​My passion is for the people of the animal industry. As such, I've spent years working specifically with animal care professionals and organisations, to support the resilience and emotional intelligence of our people.

My training has been delivered, to raving reviews, to major pharmaceutical companies, vet schools and universities, national welfare organisations, major local governments, and large veterinary chains. Not to mention numerous national and international conferences.

If you want your team to be engaged, optimistic, and emotionally resilient, it's time to show the industry how it's done!

It IS possible to work with animals and not be burnt out!

Discover the four elements of a resilient team, and how to create it in your animal care organisation.

Keep your team resilient. Keep your team engaged.

And, well, keep your team...

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